Ophir IR Optics 2024 Catalog

COMMERCIAL Commercial applications Security applications • Homeland security (HLS) • Security and surveillance • Border patrol & parameter security Aerial applications • Drones • Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) Maritime applications Fire-fighting and thermography Automotive night vision (NV) • Road Safety • Pedestrian Recognition • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Our full range of continuous zoom lenses are optimized to meet the wide range of commercial market needs, enabling outstanding detection, recognition and identification (DRI) ranges, with a fixed F# maintained throughout the zoom range, cost-effective design and compatibility to major LWIR and MWIR detectors. Our R&D engineering team works in collaboration with commercial customers and leading detector manufacturers to develop and design optimized optics with unparalleled optical performance quality – for which we are known worldwide. The latest generation of LWIR lenses are optimized for 10-12μm uncooled detectors, addressing the new market shift in the direction of smaller pixel size detectors. These lenses meet low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) constrains, providing a shorter focal length and a longer detection range. Our new long-range MWIR dual, triple, or continuous zoom lenses designs address similar market trend toward smaller pixels, with a shift to 5µm and 10µm detectors, producing the clearest images when paired with 10μm HD (1280X1024) MWIR f/4 sensors. Focal lengths (FL’s) ranges from 15mm to 1350mm, with zoom up to x27, ideal for long range observation systems. Lenses can be ordered with high durability (HD), low reflection hard carbon (LRHC), and hard carbon (HC) and hydrophobic AR coatings. 5 For latest updates please visit our website: www.ophiropt.com/infrared About Ophir 02-2024

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