Ophir IR Optics 2024 Catalog

MKS Instruments Inc. MKS Instruments enables technologies that transform our world. We deliver foundational technology solutions to leading edge semiconductor manufacturing, electronics and packaging, and specialty industrial applications. We apply our broad science and engineering capabilities to create instruments, subsystems, systems, process control solutions and specialty chemicals technology that improve process performance, optimize productivity and enable unique innovations for many of the world’s leading technology and industrial companies. Our solutions are critical to addressing the challenges of miniaturization and complexity in advanced device manufacturing by enabling increased power, speed, feature enhancement, and optimized connectivity. Our solutions are also critical to addressing ever-increasing performance requirements across a wide array of specialty industrial applications. Additional information can be found at www.mks.com. FPA Pitch cy/mm Min. Horizontal Edge MTF (S&T Average) 20 35% 29.4 25% 41.7 17% or no less than half of the diffraction limit value 50 17% or no less than half of the diffraction limit value Min. Horizontal Edge MTF (S&T Average) FPA Pitch cy/mm f/3.6 f/5.5 16.7 25% 25 15% 33.3 7% 50 8% f/4 30% 25% 15% 5% MTF criteria for cooled detectors (Please note that the criteria depend on the f/#): MTF criteria for uncooled detectors: Relative illumination must not drop below 50% on Horizontal Field of View edge and must not drop below 40% on Diagonal Field of View Edge. Focus Range: is defined as the range in which the lens (optics only) has the ability to be focused on a close object, without severe image quality degradation (reduction of 10% relative MTF). Depth of Field: is defined as the range in which the image quality is only slightly degraded (reduction of 10% relative MTF) when looking at close objects, while the lens is focused on infinity. Field-of-view matrix For your convenience, each lens data sheet includes a field-of-view matrix containing the Horizontal Fields of View (HFOV), in degrees, for several common detectors. Criteria of minimal MTF and relative illumination have been set, as follows. HFOV values will appear in the matrix only for detectors which meet this criteria. 9 For latest updates please visit our website: www.ophiropt.com/infrared About Ophir 02-2024

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