Ophir IR Optics 2023 Catalog

SupIR 50/150mm f/4.0, Motorized Focus 65103* Property Value Optical WFOV NFOV Focal Length 50mm 150mm F/# 4 Cold Stop to FPA Distance 19.4mm Average Transmission (3.4-5µm) 97% (HE) Back Focal Length 26.28mm in air Mechanical Focus Mechanism Motorized Focus Range 5m to infinity 20m to infinity Focus Switch Time 6 sec. FOV Mechanism Motorized FOV Switch Time 1 sec. Weight 700gr Max. Dimensions Length 113mm, Width 101mm, Height 98mm WFOV(50mm) HFOV 640x512 1280x1024 15μ 11.0° 14.6° 10μ 7.3° 4.8° 2.4° 3.6° NFOV(150mm) HFOV 640x512 1280x1024 15μ 10μ HD FORMAT * Requires export license MWIR | Multiple FOV 90 For latest updates please visit our website: www.ophiropt.com/infrared 06-2023

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