Ophir IR Optics 2024 Catalog

LightIR 16-180mm f/3.6, Motorized Continuous Zoom 680389 Property Value Optical WFOV NFOV Focal Length 16mm 180mm F/# 3.6 3.6 ≥80% (LRHC); >82% (HD) Cold stop to FPA Distance 12mm Cold Stop CA Ø3.37mm Back Focal Length 23.08mm in air Minimum Focusing Range 5m 50m Nuc (by defocus) Blur to 7mm diameter, Optional: mechanical shutter Mechanical Focus Mechanism Motorized. Adjustable Focus Time (minimum range to ∞) ≤5.5 sec. Zoom Time (NFOV to WFOV) ≤1 sec. Weight 460gr Max. Dimensions Length 121mm; Width 70mm; height 102mm NEW WFOV(16mm) HFOV 640x480 22.6° NFOV(180mm) HFOV 640x480 2° MWIR | ZOOM 96 For latest updates please visit our website: www.ophiropt.com/infrared 02-2024

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